Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Closing Events and Current Conditions

Season is coming to an end and the renovation is getting closer to starting. This week completed the golfing leagues with Ladies and Men's Day Closings. On Monday April 11th, the team did a fertility application to the fairways, tees, and roughs. It is important that we encourage the Tif-Sport to recover from the initial application in order to get proper coverage and kill of the turf. The more green vegetation the application is sprayed on, the more the plant will absorb. Lastly be sure to bookmark the blog on your computer, phone or tablet and check in during the renovation for updates, pictures, videos and drone footage of the entire process.

Brief video of fertility application, 13 day post Roundup Application
Walk spreading fertilizer to minimize opportunity for throwing onto the greens.
A Lily Spreader full of product will complete 4-5 holes.

Tuesday, April 5, 2016

1st Roundup Application.

On Tuesday March 29th we started our first of three roundup applications. We worked around the weather for most of the day Tuesday and Wednesday, leaving us to finish the application on Thursday March 31st. We appreciate all the efforts to help accomplish this project and the membership understanding of the weather delaying the applications. We have attached two videos to view, 1st video is of our initial application of #17 and the 2nd video is a before and after of #3 and #5 of the application.

We hope that you enjoyed the videos and we will be utilizing these to keep updates throughout the renovation process. 

Friday, March 11, 2016

Original Greens Design

You may have noticed red paint lines around the greens on holes #1,2,7,8,12. This provides a sense of what the greens size, shape, and contour will look like post construction as we return the greens to the original design. If you haven't noticed the paint lines remember to give them a glance next time you are out on the course.  We will be repainting the lines around the greens Monday, following The Club Championship.  Additionally, the celebration approach on #8 is in fantastic condition and we are confident that Celebration Bermudagrass will give Frenchman's Reserve the playability and aesthetical values we strive to achieve.

We will be making our first roundup application to the golf course on Tuesday March 29th. We will be updating the blog during construction so make sure to check back in and see the progress being made.

Front Left of #1 Green. Eight Feet of putting surface and numerous hole locations will be recaptured.

Back Right of #1 Green. 10 feet of putting surfaces and numerous hole locations will be recaptured.

Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Tuesday Decemeber 22nd Golf Course Closure

The golf course was closed Tuesday December 22nd for a contracted cultural practice. We started this practice immediately after the last group of ladies from ladies day passed through number two. We were able to topdress all greens lightly, deep solid tine all putting surfaces seven to eight inches deep, roll, fertilize and water. Our Toro 648 will penetrate to a depth of 3 to 4 inches, where  compaction is quite often found in the deeper layers of the soil. Continuous shallow aeration may cause a layer of compaction, which is sometimes referred to as a black layer. At this black layer, roots (as well as water, air and nutrients) cannot extend any deeper into the soil. This is why a program of using shallow and deep aeration is desired.

Lightly topdressing #11 Green
Deep Tine Aerifier hitting a depth of 7-8" on #5 Green
Quinonez using the new Salsco Double Drum roller to smooth the putting surface
Applying Granular fertilizer to all putting surfaces with irrigation following immediately to minimize any burn potential
Completion of project on #5 green

Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Small Changes with Big Impact

The golf course is taking great shape and we are replacing some amenities throughout the course. We have made some changes this year both visible and operational.   

First, our new equipment package is making its way into our Agronomy Department. Today we received three new Toro Fairway units and we expect to have the entire fleet by the first week of December.
New Toro Fairway units are on property with training to begin by the end of the week.

We are used to seeing the car haulers bring the members car back to indicate season is here but this is also a very welcome site as we roll off a new piece of equipment.
Second, you have noticed by now that our tee markers are new! The current tee markers are not only consistent in color but also give a more classy/elegant look to the tee boxes.
 Finally, we have a new staff member that is responsible for moving all tee markers, filling divots from the previous day, removing all debris from the tee complexes i.e. broken tees, leaves or palm fronds.  New broken tee boxes are positioned behind the tee markers to create a cleaner look to the teeing ground.  Broken Tees will be collected, Divots filled, and Tees cleaned by our team daily.

We are looking forward to a Great Season of Golf. 

Thursday, November 5, 2015

November at Frenchman's Reserve

The Golf Course continues to respond very well to our fertilizer applications and the warm weather we have had.  As a note, the beginning of November 2014 we had lows in the mid-50's and we entered this November with the Lows in the high-70's.  We will continue to make regular fertility applications to Greens, Tees, and Fairways to ensure nutrients are available to maintain a healthy turf.

Greens are in great condition.  We will continue to groom, brush, mow, and roll to maintain ball roll on the putting surfaces.

Bunkers have been checked and sand depths adjusted to be as consistent as possible until we rebuild them.

We have received the first piece of our equipment package this week.  We will continue to receive new equipment through the end of November.  The new equipment will replace equipment that is currently up to 10 years old.  Technology of the equipment has improved greatly other that time and will provide a noticeable difference.

Ropes and Stakes will continue to be used in high traffic areas to disperse traffic patterns on the course.  By redirecting traffic we will have more consistent rough areas on the course.

To see the most recent Golf Course Information please see the most recent USGA Green Section Article for Southeast Region/Florida.

Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Traffic Patterns and New Sod

This past week we have seen the addition of ropes and stakes along the cart path system in high traffic areas.  We will monitor these areas on a consistent basis and increase and/or relocate ropes as needed.  As we continue to fertilize the golf course to improve plant health and playing conditions additional fertilizer will be applied to high traffic areas.  Also, we have marked new sod with stakes to prevent cart traffic.  If you find your ball has landed in an area of new sod please treat as Ground Under Repair.

Traffic exiting the Fairway at #3 Greenside bunker
Traffic patterns are very visible where golf carts exit the path at #3 Tee.  We will continue to use  rope and stakes to allow turf recovery.
Newly sodded areas have been topdressed to aid in the recovery/smoothness and will be marked as well.  Please avoid these areas on the course and treat as Ground Under Repair.